Creative Accelerator


The madelife Creative Accelerator program launches YOU to reach your creative potential. Accelerants actively participate in a 12-week program of rigorous self-evaluation, intensive mentorship with creative professionals, and a deep focus on project-based market-driven creative work. We focus specifically on individuals looking to launch a career in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, Photography, or take the next steps in your Creative Business.

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People want to make money doing what they love, and we’ve designed a program that ensures people are launching themselves during the program and not after. That means they are working with real clients who are marketing their products and services in the world during the program.

Angelo Keely, Creative Director


madelife provides a team of Mentors, Program Coordinators, and a broader Creative Community with the intent of supporting your creative goals. These creative and business professionals are here to:

Help you define goals and tasks based on your needs.

Support your creative projects by providing training on technical skills, connecting you with project clients, and setting real-world parameters.

Hold you accountable for accomplishing goals and tasks.

Instruct you on how to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses, and support you in developing your personal uniqueness.


Accelerants are encouraged to think realistically about the goals for their program. Are you looking to develop a marketable skillset in the current environment or simply further your creative passions? What will it take to build a comprehensive portfolio to demonstrate your work or pursue a career with your skills?

The hard and soft skills needed to build a body of creative work and/or to launching a creative business are the pillars of the madelife program. These skills include learning the tools and technical expertise to execute your craft and to develop a working knowledge of the professional requirements to further your passion. madelife Mentors also regularly challenge participants to consider how their current projects affect their short- and long-term professional goals.

We expect Accelerants to build momentum and launch their career during the program, not after.


Learn more about how to bolster your skills or launch a career in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, Photography, or take the next steps in your Creative Business.