Young Artists on The Rise!

In stature, these young, bolder artists may be small,
but the creativity they possess surpasses the tall.
These blossoming artists are rapidly growing.
Their artistic abilities are brightly glowing.

Their imaginations are boundless as they think and explore.
They know who they are and are ready to soar.
Their work is produced from a most pure place.
They approve of all they do with a smile on their face.

More is to come and we all will see,
the artists these children are destined to be.
These children are artistic giants no matter their size.
>Yes, Boulder has some bolder young artist on the rise!

Risaun Simmons


“I enjoy having the opportunity to be surrounded by such amazing, young creative minds. The things they create never ceases to amaze me. It’s an honor to lead camps and classes for these young, bolder artist!”-Mark “Moxxy” Simmons, Art Instructor/Creative Mentor