Why DIY?

In the age of the internet, when accessibility to products and services is constantly growing, it is increasingly easier for people to settle into the norm and buy commercial products. one quick shout to Alexa or Siri and Amazon sends you things faster than you get get to the store and buy them yourself.

At the same time, info is also readily accessible, and so making things at home can oftentimes be cheaper than buying them online or at a store. Anyone who has access to the internet and wants to learn how to do something themselves can quickly search and find unlimited resources to achieve their goal. So why don’t more people join the DIY trend?

At madelife, we focus on teaching you the skills you need in order for YOU to do the work. Whether it’s a workshop on making your own leather goods, or our upcoming Herbal Lotion Bars + Lip Balm workshop, which focuses on making your own self-care products, we love learning and creating things with our hands. #handmadewithlove

Not only is producing your own products fun, but it can also save you money. Consider the lip balms for example. They can range in price and come from a variety of producers. Not only can commercial products like these be a burden on your budget but they can also contain chemicals or other fillers that you might not recognize or want. So why pay more for a possibly inferior product?

Taking things into your own hands…pun totally intended…and learning how to make some of the products you use in house is a way to add your own energy into the product and know each and every ingredient that goes into it.

Taking action and learning the skills yourself can provide some serious financial, physical, and environmental benefits. Free yourself from the grip of commercialism! Learn a few things on the way too.

Want to start producing your own products at home? Check out our upcoming one day workshop with Heidi Kessler and learn how to make your own self-care products from scratch. The evening will be spent in the madelife black box theatre drinking herbal tea with friends and learning about the art of making lotion bars and lip balms. Don’t miss your chance to learn some new skills and start making your own homemade products!

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