Vinyl Cleaning Workshop

madelife is known to house many vinyl-heads, so it comes as no surprise that we have added yet another vinyl friendly event to add to our calendar. This one is of particular importance if you value taking good care of your records! We couldn’t think of a better collaborator and vinyl expert to lead this workshop than Doug Gaddy, owner of Absolute Vinyl Records & Stereo.

Join us Sunday, July 10th from 4-6pm for a Vinyl Cleaning Workshop!

The workshop will cover how to clean and store records to enhance and protect their sound quality. This event includes instruction on how to use a variety of cleaning kits and cleaning techniques. Purchasing a vinyl cleaning kit is not necessary in order to attend the event. You are encouraged to attend regardless, as there will be plenty of knowledge covered for all vinyl-heads and an opportunity to clean and spin one of your favorite records while you’re here!

If you are interested in purchasing a vinyl cleaning kit, you may pre-order one of the 3 kits along with your registration. You will receive your kit at the day of the event.

Event Attendance is $7 without a kit, or $5 with a kit.

To register for the event and to purchase a please visit our registration page here.

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