Top 4 Reasons to Make Your Own Body Products

Ran out of your favorite body lotion? Or maybe you just stepped out of the shower and reached for some moisturizer only to realize you’re tapped out. Maybe you have enough to cover half an arm. No prob! Just give a shout fo Alexa or Siri and leave the rest to a hired driver. Bam. Lotion in 5 mins. But what kind of lotion?

It’s super fast and easy to order your body products online a la Amazon or go to the grocery store. But learning the skills to make your own self-care products can bring along a few benefits that might just keep you from putting that generic lotion in your shopping cart. In this post, we’re highlighting lotion bars because we’ve got a how to workshop coming up. Register for it here and read on for our top reasons why you want to learn how to do this one yourself:

Purity: Have you tried reading the ingredients listed on the back of your cosmetic products? What a mess! For anyone who is trying to control what chemicals and substances they are exposed to, making your own skin products at home can provide peace of mind.

Budget: So maybe you actually can read the back of that label. Did your wallet cry out to you as you read the totally readable and recognizable ingredients? Natural and organic products can be highly expensive. Creating your own lotion bars from scratch can be more cost effective, especially if you grab a few friends, circle ’round, and make a night of it.

Low Impact: Not only do homemade lotion bars provide a health conscious alternative to the average commercial product, they also carry a very low environmental impact. Since the lotion is solid, you won’t be using any plastic containers, and the molds you use to make them are reusable.

Customizable: when you make your own body products, you always get them your way. Scent them as you’d like, choose scents that have therapeutic impacts, change your scents for the time of year. Don’t get stuck with 1-3 options or scent combos. Get exactly the size you want and make it smell the way you want!

Want to learn how to create personalized and natural lotion bars for your home?

Join us on March 7th, from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, as herbalist Heidi Kessler, MS leads us through a hands on workshop. Working with you every step of the way, Heidi, will provide you with real expertise and tips you just won’t find on the internet. Get down with your craft and leave the clean up to us!

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