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The madelife Creative Accelerator program is a fee-based accelerator for individuals looking to make their dreams of a creative career a reality. Participants go through a 12-week program of rigorous self-evaluation, intensive mentorship with creative and business professionals, and hundreds of hours of focused, market-driven creative work. We focus specifically on individuals trying to launch a career in graphic design, music, video & film, photography, or develop a creative-based digital or phsyical business.



madelife provides a team of mentors focused on launching you and your career. These creative and business professionals are here to:

  • Help you create goals and tasks based on your needs and career status
  • Hold you accountable for accomplishing goals and tasks
  • Help you define possibilities for your future career
  • Instruct you on how to build on their strengths and improve weaknesses
  • Support you in developing your personal uniqueness


The first step of the program is understanding the participant and creating a detailed, personal evaluation that identifies his/her goals, desires, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. The team then builds a plan of iterative, actionable items that ensure the participant achieves his/her goals in the form of professional projects that build towards his/her long term career goals. The participant is required to regularly evaluate his/her experience and modify goals and projects based on self-learning through the course of the program.



Participants are encouraged to think realistically about which services are marketable in the current environment and what it will take to get clients or a full-time position. Participants develop and employ the skills of marketing and sales, initial client meetings, proposals, defining scope, invoicing, and client management on every project. madelife mentors also regularly challenge participants to consider how their current projects effect their short- and long-term professional goals. We expect participants to build momentum and launch their career during the program, not after.