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Using MIDI Controllers w/ Justin Forthuber

Join us for another one day workshop at Madelife! Madelife director of operations and music mentor Justin Forthuber will be leading an introductory workshop on MIDI controllers. Learn what a MIDI controller is, how to connect it to your computer, and start creating and recording your sound in this one-day workshop!   Topics that will (more…)

  • Using MIDI Controllers
    May 2, 2019
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Max for Live Workshop Recap

Sean Peuquet led a Max 4 Live workshop that was absolutely brilliant! For those of you who have attended these workshops in the past, we’ve dove into the complex and intricate world that is Max with Sean Peuquet. This segment focussed on building new instruments using: *Subtractive Synthesis *Granular Synthesis *Physical Modeling Synthesis Sean Peuquet is madelife’s Creative Accelerator Lead Music Mentor. He’s been programming in Max over a decade. He frequently builds interactive audio systems and uses Max for…

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Join us April 18, from 7-9pm for a meeting that will cover Ableton Live! We will be focusing on live performance. One of the most amazing things about Live is it’s flexibility when used on stage. There are a million ways perform with Live, so it important to find which methods play to your strengths as a performer. Group organizer Zaak Kerstetter will give a brief demonstration of his live setup, as well as show what makes it all work in Ableton….

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Ableton’s Team Supreme feature

As more and more individuals forgo average career paths in pursuit of their passions in art, the artist collective is a driving force for success. Ableton recently released a documentary featuring a collective of producers out of LA, Team Supreme. Members of Team Supreme forged a collective path that boosted their creativity and ultimately their careers. Team Supreme’s manifestation aligns supremely well with madelife’s own founding principles- mentorship,  collaboration, and continuous iteration. The individuals that make up Team Supreme could…

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