Red Camper

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In addition to these hilarious cards we have in the showroom, we will soon be stocking Red Camper’s full holiday card packs, singles and the fabulous Deliciousness for the upcoming holiday season!

Bourbon_Cherry_large Tequila_jalapeno_large

Deliciousness is a line of  preserves in a variety of unique and delicious flavors such as IPA Lemon Poppy, Colorado Bourbon Cherry, Strawberry Limoncello, Tequila Jalapeno, and Colorado Whiskey Peach.

“The story of Deliciousness:
It all started with a backyard overflowing peach tree that begged for peach jamming. 10 years later, on a weekend road-trip to Paonia, Colorado, a hidden oasis of orchards, vineyards and grazing horses we accidentally found Colorado’s best kept secret, the source of the most delicious peaches in the state. One year later, we came back with a borrowed truck, a dog, and a day to pick as many peaches as we could. We filled that truck bed with hundreds of pounds of peaches, ripe for the picking, cooked up 500 jars with that 10 year perfected recipe, and the best ingredients made, and were sold out within weeks. Looks like we aren’t the only ones that like Deliciousness…”

Come in and pick up some red camper delights today at madelife!