Whatch Y’all know about Mike Giant? Answer: An amazing artist inspired by among many things; skateboard culture, punk, hip-hop, and Art Nouveau. What’s he doing at madelife? Helping bring the excitement and enthusiasm of art, culture, and community to Boulder, Colorado. In Mike’s words, “I’m trying to be an open conduit to get people together, meet each other and cross pollinate scenes. (and doing this) In daily life, versus social media.” Thanks Mike!

Check out the September 2014 installment of The Mike Giant Sunday Social featuring; vinyl DJ sets by Mike Giant and DJ Russo, a critical mass through beautiful Boulder, new prints by Mike, and a $100 prize track stand contest.

Special thanks to madelife video intern Brian Bitterfeld for putting together this video. Also, shout out to Lizzy Reeves (graphic design accelerant), and Frankie Graham (audio team coordinator) for their amazing acting performances. 

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