Programs Director / Lead Music Mentor

Sean Peuquet is an experimental composer, computer musician, digital artist, software programmer, and entrepreneur based in Denver. Sean’s music and art is regularly performed and exhibited nationally and internationally by acronym-heavy institutions like SEAMUS, ICMC, NYCEMF, SCI, EMM, CMKY, etc. He holds degrees in Music, Psychology, and Astronomy (B.A. University of Virginia), Electro-Acoustic Music (M.A. Dartmouth College), and Composition (Ph.D. University of Florida). He also likes to make beat-oriented popular music in his spare time, which he releases under the name Paul Pêche. At madelife, he works to extend educational programming and community impact, often working across disciplines to design unique educational and artistic opportunities for Creative Accelerator participants. With music program participants, he’s all about diving deep into songwriting, digital production, and theory.