Music Mentor

Jay has been an Audio Team mentor here at madeLife since 2013. He specializes in recording and mixing music. Jay owns and operates his recording studio, Casa Nostra Recording, in Boulder Colorado.
Jay is an accomplished studio drummer who has also spent several years touring. He currently plays in several bands, including Wicked Messenger, Neighborhood Landmine Project, The Jarrad Menard Band, Mortimer, and Runaway Truck Ramp, and has recorded with many other artists.
Jay first started recording as a drummer in high school (back in the 4-track cassette dark ages of the twentieth century!) and has long been obsessed with the capture and manipulation of audio. He is largely self taught, but regularly attends seminars and workshops (most recently with mix engineer extrordinaire JOE BARRESI at his world famous House of Compression) in a perpetual quest to sharpen his mixing and recording skills.
Jay excels at one-on-one instruction, but recently has been developing successful group workshops exclusively for MadeLife in several different areas, including Microphone Placement, Mixing Basics and Workflow, and The Joys of Analog. Jay strives to impart a purposefully creative approach to all things audio, recognizing that a sound grasp of the fundamentals balanced with fearless experimentation is often where the magic happens.