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As madelife’s spring internship program comes to an end this week, it’s time for our final internship feature!

Andrew Fellowes


Behind-the-Scenes-12Andrew Fellowes joined madelife as a photography intern in April and you’ve likely seen him in the background at the latest gallery shows or events taking photos. Andrew was tasked with cataloging the various aspects of madelife and thanks to his work, we have been able to give people a look into the work we do and the individuals that make madelife such a dynamic and creative space.

Looking at Andrew’s work,  a viewer might be surprised to find out that he didn’t always aspire to be a photographer.  After working in healthcare for eight years, Andrew’s first experience with photography occurred when he took a trip to Europe. Playing around with a small point and shoot camera, taking photographs of the landscapes and structures of the old world, Andrew realized from that moment that he wanted too spend his life creating. For Andrew, photography now provides him with not only a collection of his experiences but also, a progression of who he is as his craft changes with time. Thinking back to his trip Andrew recalls, “I still have the first photo I took, it was in Venice with my wife and we had this black and white photo of this bridge, a lit up bridge. I just love that photo”. Moved his experiences in Europe, Andrew decided to enroll at Columbia College in Chicago to pursue his interests.


Graduating with a degree in photography last December, Andrew has been pursuing his passion in photography and enjoying a new life in Colorado. It was only on the way over from Portland, that Andrew first found out he would be taking part in our internship program. While at madelife, Andrew was forced to step outside of his usual practice and explore capturing creative moments daily and at events. Moving from still life photography to working with people provided its challenges, but the experience and time spent working with the individuals he has photographed has provided him insight into working with people. “I would actually consider myself an artist now, I wouldn’t have considered myself an artists back then, just someone who was taking pictures. Now, I am a photographer and I am working hard each day to further my craft.”


As technology continues to develop, photographers have an ever increasing arsenal of tools at their disposal. Andrew has a keen ability at taking images and drawing out their essence in the editing room. It takes a meticulous mindset to enjoy unraveling all the data packaged in a photo and then to spend hours working to perfect every aspect on the image. When asked about the options Photoshop and other  editing programs open up to him, “When you take the photo there is so much to think about mathematically within the camera. The shutter, the aperture, all of these things but once that photo is taken, the work doesn’t end at that. There is just so much more you can do and SHOULD do with a photo. For me, a photo uses a 60th of a second to take but I can spend hours, endless hours, on that same photograph to keep perfecting it even more.” 

It has been Andrew’s dedication to showcasing the amazing talent at madelife that has continued to open a window into what we do. At madelife, we strive to create an environment that promotes creativity and motivates individuals who take part in our programs. Through the lens of Andrew’s camera, we happily shed light on what the madelife community and more widely, the Boulder creative community, is all about. Working with Andrew has been a pleasure and with heavy hearts, we send our interns onto the next phase of their creative careers. Our doors are never closed to the creators who grace our lives, so come back anytime. You will always have a place to create and organic bananas waiting for you here at madelife.

To find out more about Andrew Fellowes Photography, click here.

You can also find him on Facebook.


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