Off the Stage with Wray

March 3rd: 6:30-8:00pm

The Audio Team at madelife is delighted to introduce a new series to our array of events.

Off The Stage showcases artists in an intimate and alternative light. We ask artists to share their personal dispositions, aspirations, inspirations, sit back and listen to their tunes, and invite them into our studio. In our first series we will be hosting Wray.

As described by the New York Times, the aesthetics of Wray are ““A wash of distortion, a motorik beat, an impassive and nearly drowned-out vocal: These are the essential building blocks for Wray, a three-piece band pursuing its own extrapolation of shoegaze, surf-punk and lo-fi garage-rock.”

During our evening with Wray- we will spin their record and discuss their journey as musicians.

Subjects will include:

-Being part of a label family (Communicating Vessels) versus doing things on their own
-How important the artwork is, as well as, the digital art used in their live performance
-Their Influences and how that comes out in their songwriting and recording process.

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