“Off the Stage” with DiViNCi


We are delighted to be hosting Florida based artist- DiViNCi.

As Lauren Hill’s music director and a strong member of Solillaquists of Sound.

Join us Sunday June 21st for a special Off the Stage series 5:30-7 pm

Divinci x Ms Hill

We will be having a special performance of DiViNCi’s unique talent and a discussion about his unique Creative expression and his dynamic career in music and sound.

Topic of discussion will include:

  • Sharing experience as a studio producer/engineer/programmer &    working live performer/controllerist.
  • Bringing the workflow of the stage to the studio and vice-versa
  • The new and emerging job opportunities available to tech savvy musicians, producers and engineers in the industry
Our friends at lfo.audio will be joining us to tell you more about their product!
At its core, lfo.audio is a live video streaming platform enabling musicians to interact directly with fans and other artists during the music creation process. This will continually evolve to better align with our mission of Create & Connect — incorporating additional technology and partnerships that allow musicians to make music, build relationships and monetize their fan base in ways never before possible.

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