New Spaces, New Furniture: Up-Cycling and Recycling Industrial Furniture

A Trend in Home Decor and Community

In the next weeks, couches will be donated to curbs, new leases will be consummated, and with hugs and tears a new housing escapade will begin for many.  With the hopes that come with a new space, the story that our “stuff” portrays mixed with functionality becomes of the upmost importance.  Today, a new, easy eco-friendly choice, that is up-cycling, local, industrial vintage, is growing in popularity.

Taking items that already exist, that have had a previous life, and revamping, re-visioning, and updating is the newest, and most immediate and attainable green trend and is lending itself to the Furniture Revolt.  Wool Hat Furniture (Fort Collins) gives Colorado residents an alternative to box-store, throw away furniture.

Danelle Britt, a co-owner of Wool Hat, provided some tips for people wanting to create an unique and modern feel in their own environment.

1. Start by finding an example of a room you love via social mediums:  Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.  Then start hunting locally.

2. Mix Materials: vintage bright plastic, natural and painted wood, shiny aluminum and rusted steel, Etc.

3. Choose bold, striking accents colors.

4. Oversized items should not be feared, but used as statement pieces.

5. Re-invent the item’s original use:  A library card catalog as a spice drawer, or reclaimed auditorium seats as a mudroom staple.

6. Industrial won’t date, can be used in several rooms, and is durable, so do not be afraid to buy that unique find.

7. Make your space your own.  Decide what will happen in each room, and make your purchases fit your needs, not what store flyers tell you what you will need.

Buying local is even more important when products are sourced and manufactured locally as well. If you patronize a local shop instead of a big box retailer, you will also reduce transportation costs and energy-wasting trips that result from buying at a major retail chain.  Wool Hat is the Fort Collins company utilizing the damaged flooring from the North Aztlan Community Center.  “We are thrilled to continue the story of the material that builds the foundation of our community,” said Matthew Britt (owner of Wool Hat).

You can also read about how an old school gym floor gets upcycled into furniture here.

Post Written by Danelle at Wool Hat, located in Fort Collins, CO, Wool Hat conceives style and potential to from vintage, dilapidated, worn, and un-fashionable items. Wool Hat items are also offered at madelife.