New Breed Furniture

The people behind the inspired geometric furniture line are John Lindsay and Alex Paradiso’s whose working relationship began in 1990. Initially, John worked for Alex in construction, followed by a loose mentorship that lasted these last twenty years, and finally they’ve joined forces to become co-founders of the New Breed Furniture Network. Their personalities and life choices couldn’t be more different. Alex had a near spotless academic record — John, not so much. Alex is a registerd architect and professor at IIT — John is largely a self taught independent woodworker. Alex is happily married — John is prone to romantic adventurism. Alex has perfect credit — John, lets just say he is among the ranks of many struggling Americans. What they both share is a love for the built environment, and a mutual respect for each other. Alex is the ying to John’s yang, being the right man to manage the business and keep the operation on an even keel toward sustainability and consistency, while having a calmer approach toward design. John is more paradoxical. He has twenty years of impressive woodworking accomplishments under his belt, and a prolific imagination, but his methods are often unconventional. His approach at generating autodidactic design languages is comprehensive and exhausting. In fact, exhausted is often what Alex feels after listening to John rant endlessly about every new idea; however, despite the abrasive differences that define them as real opposites, their collaborative effort has proven to achieve successful results. Just see for yourself!