Virtual Modular Synthesis Presentation w/ Mark Mosher *date changed*

March 7, 2015

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Mark Mosher will be leading an Intro to Patching and Sound Design with Virtual Modular Synthesizers.

In this presentation Mark Mosher will take you on a tour of some amazingly affordable modular and semi-modular software instruments. He will then walk you through a series of modular patching recipes. For up-and-coming artists, these walkthroughs will help you gain a deeper understanding of synthesis concepts. For more seasoned artists, you’ll get a chance to see some instruments in action you may not have considered for both your DAW and hardware rig modelling.

This presentation is for those who want to:

1.       Learn more about patching modular synthesizers.

2.       Learn more about a modular approach to subtractive, FM synthesis and more.

3.       Save money and make better decisions for building hardware Eurorack rigs by modelling concepts in affordable software-based modulars.

4.       See walk-throughs of patching recipes and techniques that could be used on many modular and semi-modular instrument.

5.       Make your own signature sounds.

Part 1: A Tour of Some Affordable Software Modular and Semi-Modular Virtual Instruments

Mark will offer a brief overview of modular synthesis with introductory walk-throughs of U-HE ACE, Madrona Labs Aalto, U-HE Bazille,  and two semi-modulars U-HE Zebra and Native Instruments Absynth.


Part 2: Cooking with U-HE ACE (Any Cable Everywhere)

At $80, U-HE ACE is an incredible instrument that brings the world of modular to your DAW, or for many, ends up being a gateway drug to more complex virtual and hardware modular instruments. It’s simple interface makes it ideal for those starting out. For more seasoned artists, U-HE says “think of it as a pimped-up ARP 2600 using modules from a Roland SH-7 with (almost) the patching flexibility of an EMS VCS3 / Synthi A – but polyphonic.” It’s circuit modelled with LFOs that run at audio rates it’s way more than the sum of its parts.


Mark will take you step-by-step through practical synthesis recipes via live patching sessions in U-HE ACE. Recipes will include basic signal routing, expressive subtractive, multiple approaches to FM synthesis, ring modulation, wave shaping and more. Lastly Mark will show you methods for adding real-time expression, automation, and tangible control to ACE.

About Mark

Mark Mosher from the Boulder Synthesizer Meetup is a veteran sound designer with over two decades of experience. He has released popular sound sets for Ableton Live (including collaborations with AfroDJMac), U-HE Zebra, has contributed factory presets to Rob Papen’s Blade synthesizer, and has developed a large library of signature sounds on various software and hardware instruments that appear in his various albums. More at |


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