New Melodeyes Single: “After Now”

Madelife is excited to present its first commercial music release by our very own Melodeyes (Frankie Graham). You can check out the song, “After Now,” and purchase it on iTunes here.

After Now Album Artwork - Melodeyes

Buy “After Now” on iTunes

Melodeyes is the solo music project of Frankie Graham from Chicago, Illinois. Frankie has been producing electronic music for over two years and now does professional composition and production.

Melodeyes explores the possibilities of combining harmonious chord progressions with complementary synth riffs and fills, creating an engulfing, fun, atmospheric warmth that leaves you feeling like a kid at the beach on a summer day. But he doesn’t stop there. Backing this warm breeze of melody is a tight, contemporary trap-style composition of electronic drum work, that brings an exciting, fresh, head bobbing beat into the mix. Listeners will find themselves phasing in and out of different emotions throughout the roller coaster of crescendos during the song, spawning memories of past romance and blissful youth.

Frankie’s primary inspirations are STRFKR, Passion Pit, M83, Purity Ring, Tycho, and Youth Lagoon.

Frankie Graham (Melodeyes)

Frankie Graham (Melodeyes)