May 11 : + NumiNative


Come to Madelife on May 11th and see and NumiNative!

The show is all ages and starts at 8pm

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Join our Facebook Event! began as a musical idea by Boulder based musicians, Ben Litwin and Eli Mueller, who began experimenting with different instrumentation and Ableton. They quickly found a similar vision based on a synthesis of electronic, jazz, and hip hop. Both were inspired to fuse diverse musical textures, improvisation, bumping bass lines, and big fat beats. Artist’s such as Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus, and Bonobo are big influences in their musical explorations. They strive to present new and innovative ways to perform electronic music live and create a dynamic connection between the musicians and the audience. Their music cultivates a diverse palette of rhythmic and sonic flavor and their concerts offer the audience a different experience of live electronic music. They don’t push play.


An interdisciplinary collaboration of modern dj’ing and live worldly instrumentation. NumiNative is a group formed by Phoenix Clay Hollingsworth coming from San Marcos Texas, and David DeVine coming from Los Angeles California. These two musicians come together to create and shape the next wave of musical philosophers.