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Max is a visual programming language for music and multimedia. Max has proven to be an integral tool for composers, performers, software designers, researchers, and artists for creating recordings, performances and installations.

madelife’s Creative Accelerator Program presents a free 3 hour workshop for people interested in learning about sound synthesis in Max lead by Sean Peuquet, one of madelife’s music educators.

The workshop will focus on using Max as a both an introduction to four core techniques of sound synthesis, and tool for implementing custom synthesizers and a platform for sound design. Synthesis in Max will be presented in a way that is geared toward the beginner Max user, but assumes some working knowledge of digital audio and its manipulation. The techniques of spectral modeling, modulation and distortion, physical modeling, and lookup tables will each be introduced in simple terms as an approach to making sounds, and concrete examples of each technique will be demonstrated in Max. Key functions for building digital instruments, including Unit Generators, Enveloping, Polyphonic Voicing, etc. will be covered in relation to practical implementation within the Max graphical programming environment. And ultimately, participants will be given a simple sound design task and apply both conceptual and functional knowledge to build their own synthesizer, with direct support from the instructor.

Participants are asked to come equipped with laptops and with installed version Max 7.  Free download and 30 day demo available: Participants who attend the workshop will receive a special 3 month extension for the demo version of Max 7.

Sean Peuquet is a composer and installation artist based in Denver.  He has worked and studied in the field of electronic music for over decade and his work is played and exhibited both nationally and internationally at venues such as SEAMUS National Conference, Electronic Music Midwest Festival, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, ICMC, SCI National Conference, Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar, the Boston CyberArts Festival, and the Dartmouth Festival of New Musics, among other spots. He earned his Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Florida and completed a two-year visiting professorship in Digital Arts at Stetson University. His approach to making art does not attempt to universalize any particular interpretation of some content or meaning, but rather, attempts to simply change the appearance of what (kind of art) it is.

January 10, 2015

2000 21st, Boulder, Co

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