Max for Live Workshop Recap

Sean Peuquet led a Max 4 Live workshop that was absolutely brilliant!
For those of you who have attended these workshops in the past, we’ve dove into the complex and intricate world that is Max with Sean Peuquet.
This segment focussed on building new instruments using:
*Subtractive Synthesis
*Granular Synthesis
*Physical Modeling Synthesis

Sean Peuquet is madelife’s Creative Accelerator Lead Music Mentor. He’s been programming in Max over a decade. He frequently builds interactive audio systems and uses Max for a variety of Sound Design and algorithmic composition purposes. He’s lead a number of Max related workshops at madelife, including a segment for the 2015 Communikey Music and Art Festival.
You can learn more about Sean and his work on his website:

This workshop provided a window into designing custom instruments within a familiar music production environment: Ableton Live. With the power to build your own instruments using Max for Live, a distinctive sound and musical style are within your reach.

Stay tuned for more music production events!

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