Mark “Moxxy” Simmons

As time goes by, interns are getting to know everybody who works and contributes to madelife. The Factory  is filled to the brim with wonderfully unique and creative people, so I decided to highlight some of the personalities that pass through our doors. Through a series of photos and short interviews, I hope to highlight some of the characters that work here. The first person I would like to feature is a ball of joy, otherwise known as Mark “Moxxy” Simmons. Mark is having his first solo exhibition today at The Factory (Friday 7/12/13), so stop by from 6 to 9 for food, wine, and fantastic art.

— Chris Kemp, Photography Intern


What is your favorite color? Purple


Who is your biggest influence? 

My influences were my father and grandfather. Even though it wasn’t an ideal situation they both taught me a great deal about myself and life. Life is my biggest influence. The little things in life are what make you into the person you are.


3. How and why do you create culture?

I create culture through my visual imagery. I truly feel that I was born to be a visual artist and to show people my thoughts through my paintings. I find purpose in making art. 

4. What is your muse?

My muse is the little details in life or just life itself!

5.Pirate or ninja?

Ninja for sure.


Thanks Mark and congratulations on your first solo exhibition!