Madelife Stories: Lizzy Reeves

Lizzy Reeves has always been creative but never thought of herself as an artist until she came to madelife. After a series of internships and a background in dance, graffiti and installation work, she came to madelife with dreams of becoming a designer.  Inspired by Berger & Fohr she realized that it was possible to strike a balance between commercial work and art through innovative design.

Growing up in a traditional Southern family, she’s always seen herself as rebel: debutant by day, street vandal by night. She says that’s been her greatest inspiration when it comes to her work and she loves playing around with juxtapositions. Her latest project is a series of graphic images: she describes them as a collection of  ‘cute, precious, satanic verses’.  Lizzy has been learning Illustrator and color pallets at madelife with help from our mentor Alan Peters. In the near future she’d like to work with Fabricate and sell design patterns on Etsy.  She’s also a valued member of the marketing team here at madelife.

Photography by D. Scott Clark and Brianna Hayes

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