After receiving a degree in film production, Chance St. George began a video internship at madelife with a desire to build a career in freelance videography. Working on various projects Chance grew in different fields of production including pre-production and editing. He also gained greater exposure in the skill of collaboration by working with a talented video team that included both professionals and fellow interns. Behind the camera Chance was able to develop his prowess in cinematography on a number of projects including The Breathe Owl Breathe concert, a biopic on the artist Michael Gallegos, promotional material for “Onecho” Juan Usubillaga art opening, and A Recognizable Disguise.

Chance has since moved to Austin, TX. With the help of madelife Creative Coordinator Angelo Keely and a beefed up portfolio, he continues to work in video production. Chance’s experience at madelife not only helped him better understand his career path, but also allowed him to further his interest in music by playing with the Thrash Surf Rock band Canadien Babes with fellow video team member Cain Czopek.

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