madelife Murals: David Polka

We are very honored and thankful to have had Oakland based artist, David Polka visit us at madelife during the end of July. The results of his stay were a beautiful mural on the Pearl Street side of our building, various mini murals along the creek path in downtown Boulder, and a successful exhibition featuring new works on wood and installations titled “VANITAS”. The madelife video team put together a documentary about David’s process, collaboration and the importance of public art in community.  Big thanks to David Polka for working so hard and creating work for this collection.



Special thanks to the City of Boulder and Awesome Boulder Foundation for their partnerships on this project, Matt Chasansky with the City of Boulder Office of Arts & Cultural Services, our interns Maddy Etre & Elizabeth Reeves, our Curator Leah Brenner, Video team members Eliza Karlson & Mitchell Alexander. Music by Deacon Frey and Frankie Graham.

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