Liz Quan

Simplicity and sophistication inform these unique sculptural objects by Liz Quan. Whether for display on your table, desk, or grouped together as a collection, these functional and non functional objects invite play and curiosity through opposing materials and your imagination. Liz Quan lives an works out of her studio in Boulder, CO.


Working in clay is like being back in kindergarten. Remember playing with circle, square, and triangle blocks? Frederick Froebel’s premise as the creator of the concept of kindergarten is that free activity and the impulse to explore is motivated by intellectual curiosity. Being in a space where we are free to discover and explore is truly a gift.

The process of making is an activity that fuels my curiosity. It reveals my capabilities and limitations. When I’m present working with the clay, my intuition emerges and play begins. I focus on the form, the line, the texture, the weight, the color. It’s a language that speaks to me and an expression I relate to.

Clay, as a medium, allows me to feel untethered and yet fully engaged. It’s qualities are forgiving with endless possibilities. It comes from the Earth. The organic characteristics connect to my interest in natural materials. I work predominantly in porcelain because it’s refined qualities allow me to see and express forms precisely.

By combining the medium of clay and the philosophy of play, unique forms reveal themselves. Instead of thinking about the end result, I just create. There’s no high message or political construct. I simply enjoy the abstract expression and formal qualities of sculpture. The result evokes a feeling and mysterious connection with the engaged viewer.

– Liz Quan

Photography by D. Scott Clark & Katrin Bell

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