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Madelife joined writer and brand strategist Laura Peuquet for a quick talk about today’s social media trends, working for various clients, and branding strategy. Want to learn how to curate content strategically so that you reach the right audience at the right time? Check out Laura’s Smart Social Branding Course at Madelife!

You have worked with a variety of clients and companies. How has your experience helped to hone your working process as a brand strategist?

From working with a variety of clients and companies, I’ve learned that, well, it’s all the same! The details of the process might change a tad, like how many meetings or approvals we need, but my process remains consistent. I work with business of all sizes because whether the brand is built by a sole proprietor, a startup team, or an enterprise, it’s got to be a solid reflection of the company and an accurate statement of what they do for their clients or consumers.


What is one of the most common communication barriers that you see creative companies and individuals facing?

The most common barrier I see is not having a plan, just absolutely no strategy whatsoever, or a fast and loose one that never gains traction. Simply having social media accounts open isn’t enough. Even populating them isn’t enough. To be effective, social channels must have thoughtfully curated content and be what they are: social.

Social media trends are always changing, any tips on staying on top of your game in such a dynamic space?

Don’t bother to get overwhelmed. Unless it’s part of your brand to be up and up on the latest trends, don’t sweat it. Work within your means and don’t follow a trend if it is outside of your plan too much. That said, some changes force you to change your tactics, like the big shift when Instagram killed the chronological feed. You had no choice but to up your game in order to get your images seen. And if you don’t want to follow blogs and stay on top of the latest news, don’t. Hire someone to do it for you.

Coming from a linguistics/communications background, what role do you see for text as social media becomes increasingly image-first? 

Oh, it’s still an integral element. Yes, content is increasingly visual, but as soon as you post it, you invite text to the party, either in the captions you use to present it, the hashtags you use to market it, or the conversation you start with viewers. Also, influencers are the key to marketing, and they do a lot of influencing through texts of all lengths, from hidden hashtags in Instagram stories to notes on Facebook and full-length blogs. I see an increasing need for good writers because viewers are far more forgiving of mediocre video content, but nearly intolerant of bad writing.  There’s also an increased need for skilled copywriters who can get the most from a few words as they appear throughout videos and in captions. The pressure is on for making those words work.

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