June 14th : Onecho Juan Usubillaga

“Onecho” Juan Usubillaga

“Artificial Paradise” a new collection

Opening reception Saturday June 14th 7:00 – 10:00

Sponsored by Suerte Tequila

Live Music


photography by Joe Friend Photography

Artist Statement

I bring two opposing realities from my upbringing to the canvas. This new series of paintings is influenced by both a dense Latin American city and a small, tropical community on the edge of a Rain forest. In the city, I was exposed to street graffiti and its social commentary. In the small town, I was influenced by the exuberance of the cloud forest and the beliefs of the natives.

I like to represent the energies I experienced in the streets with spray painted, written words and phrases. These express the memories and values I’ve developed growing up in different settings. Then, I use brush strokes and acrylic paints to add the spiritual element I found in nature. The interplay incarnates the words with extraordinary energy and gives the paintings a dreamlike atmosphere.

There are many fundamental reasons that have driven me to complete this series: I want to connect the viewer with a given piece, evoking a visual and mindful experience; I want my ideas to connect with the public; I aspire to connect people with an experience that lets them feel that they, too, belong to art.