Jason Thielke “My Major Flaw” Mural Release Video

My Major Flaw from madelife on Vimeo.

We have a special connection to Thielke at madelife that allows us to experience his art everyday—facing out towards Pearl Street, one of the few Thielke murals gazes at pedestrians as they pass. Entitled “Solace”, the woman is deep in thought, eyes shut with a look of both satisfaction and pensivity on her face, forces the viewer to ponder what she could be thinking. madelife was fortunate enough to sit down with Thielke and discuss his art and his major flaw.

madelife presents Jason Thielke for a “Print & Mural Release Party”The artist will be showing a series of framed prints in the madelife gallery and we’ll be releasing an exclusive run of limited, signed & numbered “Fracture” block prints and a very small batch of madelife X Thielke art T-Shirts. The show (and mural release) will be held Saturday September 14th, from 6-8PM. Artist will be in attendance. Join us for art, music and refreshments!

Check out Jason’s available prints here.