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madelife is excited to announce that we have jumpstarted our internship program for the spring! Stay tuned as we roll out new Intern Features in the coming weeks to introduce you all to some of the amazing collaborators we have helping us to #createculture. This week we are pleased to introduce Trevor LePage, our current Marketing Intern and covert artistic genius. We sat down to chat with Trevor about his recent relocation to Boulder, his creative inspirations, and how he is working with madelife each day to bring awesome new content for you all to see.


Good afternoon Trevor. Thanks for sitting down with us today. To start, how have you been since your move from Akron, Ohio?

Trevor: It was an incredible feeling to see the mountains come up on the horizon when we first drove into Colorado. After all the planning, goodbyes, and second guessing, these past three weeks have truly been a relief to all of our worries. Aside from the recent spouts of rain, the weather has been beautiful, the people have been so welcoming, so I can say with confidence that so far it has been an all-around rewarding experience.

What inspired the location change?

T: One of the driving forces behind the move was the fact that up until my college years in Akron, I had never spent more than 5 years living in one place. Although there are many past experiences and friends that I cherish back in Ohio, I just needed something different after graduation. I knew that I wanted to move somewhere where I could experience nature, a bustling city, as well as a vibrant art culture, which is why we decided on Denver.

Would you say that Denver has met  your expectations?

T: It has exceeded my expectations! When we first walked down Broadway St., I just felt a different energy in the air. Every individual I have met or experience I have had since our move has only built on this encompassing energy even more. My heart dropped when I first drove into Boulder as well. Coming over the hill and seeing the mountains surrounding the city was absolutely magical.

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So, after driving halfway across the country to live in Colorado, what brought you to madelife?

T: When I graduated from college, I had two goals in mind. My first goal was to move to Colorado. Done. The second was to combine my passion for art with my education in business. When I came across the internship opening at madelife, I saw the opportunity to work within an organization whose mission statement aligned with my values and aspirations in life. I believe that the arts are a cornerstone of any flourishing culture and to have the chance to work towards giving artists the ability to build something from their craft is an opportunity I just could not let up.

As you know, this month we are exploring the what inspires the many creatives in our community. So Trevor, what inspires you when you wake up each morning?

T: Right now I would have to say my biggest inspiration in the morning is to take advantage of every hour I have in this city and get my ROI on rent! We are just at the beginning of our relocation and I feel an exciting obligation to make all the work and stress worth it. Right before we took the leap and drove out here, I read something my girlfriend’s grandfather wrote to us that goes something like ” climb the highest mountain, and from there everything will seem downhill.” I think one of the biggest reasons I wanted to move out here was to challenge myself and push myself to make use of every talent, skill, quality, and opportunity I have. I am inspired to put in the time and effort every day to work toward my goals because I know that if I can succeed in this endeavor from then nothing is out of reach.

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You are also an incredibly talented artist. We’ve been keeping up to date with your work on Instagram and encourage everyone else to do so as well. Tell us a little more about your interest in art?

T: It all started two years into college; I started as an engineering student not because I was especially interested in that field of study, but because I felt the need to pursue an education that would be worth my time financially. The idea that I had to study a subject just because the positions I could get with that degree would pay well sounded nice until actually put into practice. After a few semesters, I found that the topic did not hold interest to me and that I was not going to succeed at something that did not spark my interest. After I sat down to list all the things that I enjoyed, the one topic that kept coming up was drawing and design. I grew up loving skateboard and surf culture. I always appreciated the technical design of all the gear and all the related media. I figured why not go back to the basics? Why not just take the time to do what I always enjoyed? It’s four years later now and I spend most of my days perfecting my drawing skills and working on my different creative projects. Art gave me something to work on every day to feel fulfillment and being able to reference the progress I made by looking at the work I had done was extremely rewarding. After seeing the effects of what the arts and creative pursuits have had on my life, I only feel more driven to help others make a life out of what they love doing.

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What kind of influences keep you working on your craft?

T: With the Internet these days you can see art from all over the world. There is so much talent out there and everyone is doing something different and new. The great thing about this is you can expose yourself to new art and new artists every day, unfortunately all the competition can be overwhelming. The one thing that all of the art I have been exposed to has taught me is to appreciate someone who has worked hard at their craft. It is truly impressive when you can bear witness to an individual that is great at what they do. Greatness does not just appear out of thin air, it comes with hours of dedication and hard work. Through social media you can expose yourself to so much talent these days. This only drives me to continue working on my passion so that I can look back and know that I put in the time to be the best I could at something.

Looks like you ended up in the right place then?

T: I could never had imagined that within two weeks of driving across the country we would already have secured a place in the city we dreamed of living in, and needless to say I could never have imagined an opportunity like the one presented to me at madelife. I have a chance to build a career in the field that I love in a beautiful setting such as Boulder. I draw the most inspiration from the opportunities life confronts us with. There is something very assuring about being able to look forward to the future, and right now I am very excited for what is to come. The most important lesson learned from this ordeal is that if you don’t like something about your life, CHANGE IT.

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We couldn’t agree more, Trevor. So, take the hard earned advice and let’s all do the things we love because there is no such thing as failure when we come together to do things that that make us thrive. Stay tuned for all our new content and just know that the man behind the curtain is our very own Trevor LePage.

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