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Noticed something different lately? We’d like to introduce everyone to madelife’s current Graphic Design intern extraordinaire, Natasha Rodgers! She joined the madelife Creative Team earlier this semester and has been fervently working with the marketing team to keep us looking good. With events going on every week, Natasha has been hard at work constantly creating and pushing out amazing design materials for madelife.


A graphic designer and illustrator currently majoring in Communications and Design at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) in Denver, Natasha fell in love with Colorado and all it has to offer on a vacation here years ago. Originally from India, she felt that in Denver, she would have greater access to the resources, information, and the burgeoning art scene she craved.

While at RMCAD Natasha enjoyed an environment that pushed creative freedom. Learning from professors that promoted experimentation allowed Natasha to really workout her process and have fun, “I really enjoy the process… it is not the final output that matters so much to me, you want to make it pretty but that’s not the most important part. I really enjoy the sketching and I love how hands on it can be”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.19.03 PM

Playing with texture, breaking down type and then rebuilding it, Natasha makes the letters speak for themselves. Always working on multiple art boards Natasha tries to explore every aspect and possibility the problem offers. Creating motion, contrast, and noise through her process, she is able to convey the message effectively. Using characteristics and features associated with the themes she is discussing allow her to bring out the essence of her statement in a visceral way.


While at madelife Natasha has worked to create a modern and contemporary look to our marketing content. Whether it’s redesigning business cards and creating new logos or banners for our social media, Natasha is always ready for whatever task is thrown at her. Now in her final semester of her undergraduate career, she is busy continuing to build her portfolio for her upcoming graduation. It is Natasha’s aim to find a company that she is passionate about, where she can grow her skills in the next stage of her career and continue to enjoy the same creative liberties found at RMCAD.


Design can constantly confront one with challenges, every new project brings about barriers that must be overcome. This ongoing struggle provides endless opportunities to test oneself and find new creative solutions. It’s these characteristics of design that have seized Natasha and continue to push her and her art.


You can find out more about Natasha by visiting her website or by checking out her Instagram.

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