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madelife is beginning a series of intern features to tell you more about some of the key contributors and what they have done for us through the span of their internships here. Without their hard work, madelife would not be what it is. We also hear your calls when you are seeking to contract people for your projects or small businesses, so along with our strong database of mentors featured on our Community page, here is an easy way for us to show off these amazing portfolios. We are jumping off these features with one of our favorite people and former graphic design intern, Hannah Thompson.

Hannah Thompson



Graphic Design Genius


Hannah Thompsonnodapl_hannahthompson graduated from the Colorado State University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. When asked why we should choose her for our Graphic Design internship, her response was, “I would love the opportunity to grow more as an artist and designer”. And we made it a point to give Hannah as many opportunities to create as possible. So featured here are some of the amazing designs that Hannah has created for us during her time at madelife.

stevenalepa_hannahthompsonDuring her internship review, Program Manager, Brenda Alderete, noted Hannah to be one of the strongest designers to have come through the Internship program. “Her style is incredibly dynamic, she’s always able to capture the essence of the event or brand she’s working with and make a one of a kind, fitting piece to really capture the eye”. Furthermore, the team at madelife noted Hannah’s personality to be “ calm, cool, collected with a humble demeanor despite her prolific talent and very thoughtful delivery”.
We highly recommend Hannah to any business looking to have beautiful, custom crafted graphics and flyers. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had her work contribute to our brand and content these past 12 weeks. We will miss you, Hannah!


Looking to hire a Graphic Designer for your next project? Then, Hannah is your girl!

You can find all of Hannah’s beautiful work on her website, here.

And if you are interested in contacting Hannah for work, contact her, here.

madelife is well known for it’s highly competitive Internship Program. We have incredible talent moving through our space with well established music engineers, designers, photographers and videographers who become a part of our team for 12 weeks and participate as key collaborators to the content development that capture the special things that happen within our programs. 

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