Hollis+Lana Fait Le Mur

Denver based artists Amorette Lana and Conor Hollis visited us at madelife in September. As a duo, the artists collaborate across multiple media platforms including painting, drawing, sculpture and digital, while gathering inspiration from various interests and disciplines, real and ethereal.

“I follow curiosity and organic geometry as far as they will take me. I am fascinated with bio mimicry and biotechnology.” – Ammorette

“We are nature lovers who spend most of our time together in the studio or studying science, nature, music, architecture and visual art.” – Conor

Enjoy this recap from our video production team featuring Hollis+Lana’s mural creation, their First Friday art exhibition in the madelife gallery, as well as a behind the scenes visit to their Denver studio. A big thanks to Hollis+Lana for all their work, inspiration, and collaboration!

Hollis+Lana paintings and prints available in store.

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