Holiday Bazaar: Salihah Moore

Local Boulder artist Salihah Moore will host a pop-up shop at our Holiday Bazaar on December 12th, along with other local Colorado brands.

In anticipation of the event, Salihah Moore discussed her craft and her inspirations with us…


Describe your goods, your art, your brand: 

Fresh handwoven beaded wearable art made with love, needle, thread and a gentle appreciation of time.

salihahmoore 03 photo by Aubrey Trinnaman



How did you get started?

I’ve always been a painter who loved to craft. When I wasn’t painting I would keep my hands busy knitting, sewing and constantly making things. When I started beading I realized I could paint with beads and discovered my perfect medium. I love watching a piece, bead by bead, transform into interesting patterns and shapes, becoming its own wearable one-of-a-kind art with a unique movement and feel.

What have you learned through making that has surprised you? 

SalihahMoore 02 photo by Aubrey Triniman

The creative fountain keeps a’flowing the more you work and the deeper you go. I rarely premeditate my designs so I’m constantly surprised by how natural the making process can be, what happens, especially with something as intricate as bead work. When I surrender to the magic of creating I’m always enchanted by what manifests and feel comforted by the not-me-ness of it all.

salihahmoore 01 photo by Tehya Shea






Who or what inspires you most right now?

Time is my biggest inspiration. Bead work is one of the most time consuming crafts and I’m always motivated by the slow going of it. Some of my biggest influences have been the Bauhaus textiles and the women who brought on the renaissance of weaving from there. I’m in love with fiber and carpet designs from all over the world, especially Morocco. I’m constantly motivated and in awe of the incredible maker-movement happening right now and all the brilliant people creating new and original art and design in such functional, lovely ways. Otti Berger & Sonia Delaunay. Also, African bead work blows my mind.

Why do you believe art has value?salihahmoore 04 photo by Aubrey Triniman

Humans have been making art since there were humans. Art is in constant motion.

What will you bring to the bazaar?

I’ll be slinging original hand-beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I’ll also have a few beaded wall hangings on display.


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