Holiday Bazaar: Royal Stag

Royal Stag Custom Hats artist, Cate Leuenberger, will host a pop-up shop at our Holiday Bazaar this Saturday, December 12th, from 12-5PM along with other local Colorado brands

Describe your goods, your art, your brand: IMG_8667-4

Royal Stag offers high quality, handcrafted hats. From the fedora, the homburg, the derby and the pork pie to custom designs, each hat is unique and tailor-made. Royal Stag is a small family business, run by me and my husband Jonas. We make each hat by hand, offering a modern take on a timeless tradition. Our hats are unique pieces, handcrafted with exquisite
attention to detail, and built with pride to last a lifetime.

IMG_9844How did you get started?

I was always into making things and always liked hats. But i was never able to quite figure out what exactly i wanted to make until one day a few years ago i saw a woman on the street wearing a dope hat, i walked up to her to ask her where it was from. She told me that she made it. That was that..
i was determined to become a hatmaker.

What have you learned through making that has surprised you?IMG_8805

I am learning constantly, trying out new things and perfecting my craft. I am not sure if this is all that surprising.
Running a business though is full of surprises.

IMG_8676-4Who or what inspires you most right now?

Nature, design, vintage hats, art, my family, music…

Why do you believe art has value?

Everything that moves you has value.
Art and the cultures it emerges from are the inspiring source that we all build upon.
Our culture and art defines us as human beings.

What will you bring to the bazaar?IMG_9569

A bunch of readymade and custom order hats in various styles for try on and sale.



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