Holiday Bazaar: ORK

The musical styling of ORK will be present Saturday, December 12th, at the madelife Holiday Bazaar. ORK is set to play a down-tempo set in the black box from 1-3pm.

In anticipation of the event, ORK discussed his artistic process…

Describe your art, your brand: Cameron -2015 (1)

My art is a lot of decision making, through and for the crowd.

How did you get started?

I DJ’d my middle school dance- after I got a mixer for Christmas.

What have you learned through making that has surprised you?

That I like running into problems. Problems give me an obstacle to work with.

Who or what inspires you most right now?

Kid Cudi

Why do you believe art has value?

It doesn’t. It’s the viewer [or listener] who gives it value.

What will you bring to the bazaar?

Good energy!

For more details on the Holiday Bazaar click here.

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