Holiday Bazaar: Meowolf Clothing

Meowolf Clothing artist, Alyssa Lindaas, will host a pop-up shop at our Holiday Bazaar this Saturday, December 12th, from 12-5pm, along with other local Colorado brands.

In anticipation of the event, Alyssa discussed her brand philosophy and inspirations…

Describe your goods, your art, your brand: image3

I describe my clothing as hyperdimensional eco fashion. The goal is to elevate the wearer while lessening the fashion and textile industry’s carbon footprint. The designs are imagined to be worn in many different configurations, allowing wearers to shape each piece to fit different areas of their lifestyle. The materials are sourced from the excess that is so prevalent within the design world. Many designers will end up having material left over from their runs, so I utilize that excess and create from it, saving space in landfills and shrinking the need for new production. The new fabrics that I use are made from natural and organic fibers, renewable resources that are easier on the earth and healthy for the wearer.

image1How did you get started?

I started imagining apparel designs as young child. I would get out of the bath and try to drape my towels to make gowns. I was so inspired by the way fabric fell and moved on its own with little manipulation. I have been working on Meowolf Clothing for a little over a year, after a breakthrough that we need to be paying just as much attention to the environmental implications of the clothing we wear as the food we eat and the household products we use. It’s a vision that began with a passion for fashion and evolved through a mission to heal the planet.

What have you learned through making that has surprised you?

I’m really learning to embrace the fluidity of creation, the magic that happens when things are allowed to just ‘be.’ So often I have a concrete idea of the way something is supposed to look, but when I start to render the design the fabric speaks and the vision takes on a life of its own. The lesson of letting go really applies to art and design as much as other areas of life. When you allow yourself to let go of one way of thinking boundaries blur and marvelous visions emerge.

Who or what inspires you most right now? image2

I’m really inspired by the patterns found in nature. Sacred geometry, like the Fibonacci spiral, has come up again and again in my work, and has allowed my designs to reach their next level. There is something so pristine about the way things look when they are measured by naturally occurring patterns, and that has a huge influence on what I create. Also movement, the way fabrics move with the wearer and the way a simple gesture puts things into motion, it’s like watching water ripple around a rock in a flowing creek. So serene.

meowolf 1Why do you believe art has value?

Art has the power to elevate the senses and gives people the chance to reflect on their emotions. Art is compassionate, it can touch places in ourselves that we may not be able to reach on our own. It offers an escape, a gateway into the dream world, an opportunity to transcend reality and feel something more.

What will you bring to the bazaar?meowolf 2

I will bring my nautilus skirts, my primary design which is the most multidimensional garment I make. It can go from skirt to harem pant, romper, dress and many looks in between. I will also bring some beautiful flowing tops, dresses, ponchos and tunics, as well as a handful of one of a kind items made from fantastic luxury fabrics obtained at a recent fabric swap, including furry headbands and beanies!

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