Holiday Bazaar: Ash & Ore

Ash & Ore artist Amée Hinkley will host a pop-up shop at our Holiday Bazaar on December 12th, along with other local Colorado brands.

In anticipation of the event, Amée discussed her brand and why she believes art has value…

Describe your goods, your art, your brand: IMG_1449

The Ash & Ore leather collection is built upon the idea that our bags are a character in our perpetual story, a toolbag for the things we need to carry out our daily life functions.

The designs are timeless, minimal and utilitarian, but don’t lack style.

IMG_1002How did you get started?

It all started when I made a wallet for myself after not being able to find exactly what I wanted online or in stores. After being asked continually the question “where did you get that” I began making and selling them. The line has grown to include bags, belts, clutches, and other carry items.

What have you learned through making that has surprised you? 


I’ve learned that I actually don’t love to sew, that I’m more aligned with designing and hand-selecting materials.

Who or what inspires you most right now?

I’m most inspired by the endless textures nature provides on a daily basis. Also, I’ve been crushing on a woman in Brooklyn who forges beautiful knives.

IMG_1450Why do you believe art has value?

There will never be a void of it honestly, as long as people keep creating. Art is a vehicle for self expression and the value, in my opinion, lies in the connections we gain when we share our arts with the people around us.

What will you bring to the bazaar?  A selection of bags, wallets, pouches, cases, and belts.

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