Gallery Visit – Dateline Gallery. RiNo Art District. Denver, CO.

On a very unassuming corner in the RiNo arts district sits Dateline Gallery, a two month old, multimedia show space run by artists Adam Milner and Jeremy Dorrance. The space is effectively their living room (or showroom you could say), a rectangular white room with track lighting on the ceiling and funky composite wood flooring. Its small and quaint, but super hip and deliberate.

The two artists met through the Denver art scene and shared a specific idea: to create a gallery that supported artists. The duo operates the space purely as an unpretentious labor of love rather than for financial gain (Dateline does not take a commission on art sales).

“I don’t want to be a businessman”, says Milner. “If someone has a question about the price of a piece or is interested in purchasing artwork, I just tell them to go talk to the artist.”

But don’t confuse Dateline’s casual approach to selling work with their seriousness about their craft. Similar to the curative techniques of SVPER ORDINARY Gallery, who I visited earlier in the week, Milner and Dorrance consciously pair local, sometime unknown artists with internationally known names. In their first show, which is set to close at the end of the week, Dateline featured unshown photographs from artist Gato Karatoyote, Denver designer Katrin Davis’s miniature scenes, the 3-D printed works of LA based Nate Hess, and the nationally recognized works of photographers Jeanne Liotta and Ann Hamilton.

The new gallery is quickly making waves through the Denver art scene. With their first opening attracting over 100 people to their intimate space, the pair has already booked artists out through the end of August. “People like seeing things like this succeed”, says Milner.

They say that they eventually might attempt to turn a profit, but for now you can expect a relaxed visit (only on Sundays from 12-4 might I add), coupled with tea cakes and complimentary mimosas. Not to mention the eclectic blend of intentionally curated artwork. I am very much anticipating what is to come from this dynamic duo.

Words and photos by Joe Friend Photography