First Friday : Rafa Jenn

We are excited to welcome back Rafa Jenn for a solo exhibition titled “Fashionista”

Rafa Jenn is not one to stick to one theme or even one style. His approach to art has always embraced the freedom to explore many themes and many styles. From playful geometric mandalas, to pop-culture reconstructions, he allows his works to emerge in a form tailored for the concept.

In Fashionista, he turns his attention once again to the world of fashion. Having previously released a limited-edition print with that very title (2008), this time he has chosen to explore fashion in a series of mixed-media drawings. While adhering to a limited color-scheme, he deploys expressive line-work and loose watercolors. Somewhere in the mix, insinuated perhaps in the quality of the line-work, lies the influence of eroticist Egon Schiele.


Join us for First Friday, October 3, 2014 6:00 -8:00 pm

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