May 1: First Friday Sara Guindon & Samantha Purdy LITE LOVE

First Friday opening reception with the artists

May 1st 6-9pm

on view May 1, 2015 – May 30, 2015

Sara Guindon & Samantha Purdy “Lite Love”

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Lite Love brings together work by artist and illustrator, Sara Guindon, and textile artist, Samantha Purdy. Based on a daydream Sam had involving a fictional 80s cover band called, “Lite Love”, their work is mostly inspired by childhood experience in the 80s and early 90s. Sara’s paper cut illustrations and paintings follow a loose narrative made up of curious scenarios. Imagery in Sam’s hand stitched wall hangings include favourite comfort foods, elementary school days, and the first house she lived in. Sara works as an illustrator in Denver, CO. Her work can be found at Samantha Purdy is a textile artist and cross stitch pattern maker living and working in Montreal, QC. You can find her work at

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Showing in the madelife project nook-
Neal McCormick “Beautiful Darkness”

Neal McCormick is an 18 year old Artist and Skateboarder from Boulder, Colorado who makes art that deals with his personal experiences, social and political issues around the environment, social pressures, growing up, sadness, anxiety, and emotions from his past that still hold relevance to him in one way or another. He is opinionated and loves to make statements to tell his story. Currently, Neal’s favorite media are Pen and Ink, Stencils, Spray Paint, and Linocut prints. He has always loosely referred to his style as “Beautiful Darkness,” and believes that a step to becoming better as a society is learning to see the beauty that is in all of the pain and hardship and “darkness” that we all go through. Neal loves to create intricate work, and will often spend upwards of 40 hours working on a particular piece, finding the whole process extremely cathartic. Neal will be graduating from the Watershed School at the end of May, and next year will attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Neal is constantly growing and pushing himself as an artist and has a bright future ahead of him.

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