April Art Exhibitions feat. Derek Keenan | Katherine Homes

Two exhibitions opening on Friday April 3rd 6-9pm

On the white walls:  “Moon Age Daydream” by Derek Keenan

Derek Keenan (1978, Denver, United States) is an artist who mainly works with mixed media. Focusing on the attributes of reclaimed materials–primarily broken skateboards–Keenan methodically refines and transforms the seemingly random and sometimes tumultuous nature of the material itself into orderly new forms, bringing new life to that which would otherwise have been discarded in a throwaway society. While maintaining a hint of familiarity, these transfigured forms invite  the viewer to examine their own understanding of what is or is not useful. 

In the black box: Katherine Homes “Lyrical Landscapes”

Homes is inspired by hidden stories in landscapes, diverse cultures and wildlife.  Her aim as an artist is to highlight these stories and bring awareness to environmental and wildlife conservation efforts through art and music.

Event sponsored by our friends at Drizly 

Live set performance in the Black Box with Katherine Homes @ 7:00pm.


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