First Friday | September | Chris Blume

It’s time for another First Friday Gallery Opening for our exhibition of artist Chris Blume’s work in his new show, OUR DEMISE TO BE, WE’RE NOT LISTENING. Admission if completely FREE, so come and join us September 2nd from 18:00 – 21:00 to see Blume’s latest works including large scale lithography prints and graphite drawings.

The first 50 people through the door will receive a limited edition print!


“Though I am a printmaker and draftsman by trade, there are many routes in which I create images. Mostly my work can be separated into two categories. I create a personal mythology in which I explore my existence as an adopted child through pseudo histories and dystopian futures; and more subconscious approaches to sociopolitical commentary through retro futuristic war technologies. As I examine the results of my labor I notice the progressive destruction of a metropolitan area. The degradation is beautiful and most notable in the man made structures and objects from the American industrial revolution. Exposed pipelines, large steal fittings, and cast iron create abstracted forms that tell a tale of technological evolution. The crude forms created by machines slowly melt with the help of our pollution and most importantly, natural processes. These bodies of work evolve in aesthetic as I problem solve through the most appropriate medium, whether it be sculpture, paint, or printmaking. The resolution is never apparent and only begs for another question posed. This journey is at the essence of my creative process. I do not seek to obtain results from these questions.”


Check out Chris’ website to stay up to date on his projects.

Drinks provided by Suerte Tequila!

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