Social Media 2.0 + Influencer Marketing Bootcamp


madelife is proud to partner with SheSays Boulder and social media and influencer marketing experts from Denver’s Mavrck and Boulder’s Match Marketing Group to bring you the latest tools and strategies around social media and influencer marketing.

Don’t miss this incredibly valuable day-long bootcamp.


5 reasons to attend:
Your social media strategy is gathering dust
– You haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out what is working and what’s not
You have trouble finding the right influencers
– You are not sure who is reaching your audience, how to compensate them, and what exactly you should ask them to do for your business
You need to produce digital content that works
– Finding the balance between branded content and content your audience wants to see
You need help selling the value to your higher-ups
– How to prove the ROI of your social media and influencer marketing efforts
You haven’t set aside the time to build out your 2018 social media plan
– Take a day surrounded by your peers to knock out a re-energized plan so you can focus on implementing immediately

This workshop will:
Give you the most recent industry knowledge in social media and influencer marketing
Deliver a custom social media and influencer marketing strategy for you to implement easily
Teach you how to leverage new digital strategies to attract the right customers to your business
Align your marketing strategy to tangible results
Provide a playbook to designing and launching your own social media and influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish
Learn how to sell your strategy into management and/or clients
Fun power sessions to get your creative juices flowing

Who should attend:
Digital Marketers eager to take their skills to the next level
Entrepreneurs looking to streamline and ramp up their current marketing efforts
Anyone working in marketing for a brand or agency
People looking primarily to sell B2C, with some B2B learnings and tactics

What you’ll leave with:
The most current best practices for social media and influencer marketing from people working in it right now, every day
A clear direction and focus for your social media and influencer marketing strategy
A detailed social media and influencer marketing playbook and strategy customized for your business—in other words your clear and documented action plan (binder and worksheets provided)

  • Social Media 2.0 + Influencer Boot Camp
    November 17, 2017
    8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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