UpcomingMorning Altars w/ Day Schildkret ( Adult Workshop )

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  • December 2, 2018
    11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Come play and explore the bounty of nature and art with your family during the Morning Altars Workshop with Madelife on Saturday, Dec 1 from 10am-12:30pm.  

During this workshop, families will experience a hands-on practice that is part creative expression, part mindfulness, and part nature connection. Each step offers an innovative way to slow down, open to wonder and curiosity, and listen to the language of the land. Together, we create fun and beautiful mandalas that encourage us to connect, wonder and play. 

Join Day Schildkret, internationally renowned earth artist and author as he launches his new book: “Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit with Nature, Art and Ritual” for this workshop that will offer a much-needed digital detox, getting you off the screens and into the wisdom and joy of the natural world.


Colorado is the perfect palette to dream with our hands. We will wander and forage in the woods to collect the leaves, flowers, bark, and bones as our creative materials. We will use the ground as our canvas and learn the seven steps to making beautiful art with the land. You will return home with a practice you can do every day, no matter where you are. The workshop will inspire you to connect back to your inner child and to the timelessness of the natural world and the wisdom of impermanence. This ancient ritual and expression connect people with the land and their imaginations; inviting them to wonder and play and to explore the profound meaning of life’s ephemerality.

About Day Schildkret: 

Day Schildkret is internationally known for Morning Altars and has inspired tens of thousands of people of all ages from all over the world with Earth Art. Day is a thought leader at the forefront of integrating education, creative living, earth connection and mindfulness for families, children and adults. Through his work with Morning Altars, Day leads innovative and interactive workshops focused on themes and values that expand wonder, creativity, earth and community connection. With over 58k followers on Instagram, over 25k on Facebook and workshops and installations worldwide, Day and Morning Altars is bringing ephemeral art to the collective human imagination.

The first Morning Altars book is being published October 2018 by The Countryman Press, an imprint of W.W. Norton with an International tour to follow.


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