CREATIVE BOOST: A Workshop to Enhance Your Creativity and Curiosity

Join Cactus’ Chief Creative Officer Norm Shearer as he leads us through an immersive workshop designed to provide you with any-time tools to stay on your creative game. Perfect for artists, designers, creatives, creative entrepreneurs or anyone wanting to boost their on-the-spot creative competency. We’ll explore hands-on some of the leading theories of what it means to be “creative” through fun in-class exercises, curiosity builders, and creativity kick-starters that participants can easily adopt to take with them and apply to their everyday lives and work. All are welcome to attend, from those who already consider themselves creative, to those wanting to learn more and explore how “creative” thinking could improve their work and life.

3 hr Creative Workshop

$45 per person

About Norm Shearer:

Partner & COO at Cactus

Norm has been Chief Creative Officer at Cactus since 2003, putting his mark on every piece of creative that comes through our building. At the core of Norm’s philosophy is the notion that everyone needs to be creative. The term “creative” is not individual to the designers and copywriters of Cactus, but for our entire team. It’s about solving problems in unexpected ways and creating advantages. “If everyone is doing their job, they are being creative. It’s about being resourceful and connecting dots in a way that’s unexpected or different.” With over 20 years of experience in the business, Norm’s blue-collar, “work hard, play hard” approach to creative has earned Cactus accolades from Cannes, The One Show, SXSW and countless others.

Norm shares his ample knowledge (and Dad jokes) as a guest lecturer in his spare time, speaking on creative thinking and design. He served as an Adjunct Professor for eight years at his alma mater, CU Boulder, and was named Alumni of the Year for CU’s Advertising and Journalism School in 2013.


  • April 12, 2018
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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