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Join Founder/designer of Angry+Bovine, Jay Ferracane, as he leads us through an immersive workshop designed to provide you with insights and approaches to building strong brands. Perfect for designers, creatives, creative entrepreneurs or anyone wanting to boost their foundational knowledge of brand building. This will be a working session with the intent of learning through application. Expect a hands-on approach to ideation and problem-solving. This is not a logo making class so (even though we may talk or develop some of those in our problem solving), all are welcome to attend, from those who already consider themselves branders, to those wanting to learn more and explore how design thinking could improve their brand building skills.

About Jay:

Jay spent most of his young life exploring and absorbing the globe before making his mark in the creative world by espousing the value of design with energetic enthusiasm. Prior to launching the design consultancy, Angry+Bovine, Jay built, managed and directed creative groups on both the client and agency side on behalf of some of the world’s most respected companies. Having been on “both sides of the gun” has provided an unmatched perspective and an uncommon platform that not only leverages design thinking to solve business communication problems, but accomplishes strategic design goals through creativity, application and consistency. For the past 9 years Jay has dedicated time to sharing his experiences of working closely with decision makers, individuals and organizations, and teaches the next generation of creatives, approaches and methods that build superlative brands, experiences and communication.
If you ask him what he does for a living he says “I draw pictures and share.”  But deep within those pictures, letterforms, compositions and stories, is reasoning based on critical thinking and business needs, turning ideas into defendable, objective designs and belief systems, that people can rely on.
  • September 20, 2018
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • Frankie says:

    Hi there! Would this brand building workshop be applicable to anyone working in communications/marketing who might be in “charge” of brand management at a company, or more for creatives who are branding themselves?

    • Trevor Le Page says:

      Hi! Thank you for reaching out. This is a great foundational workshop for anyone who works with or simply wants to know more about how brands work (for either their clients, the companies they work for or even their own personal brands). Participants will have an opportunity to learn processes which help gather the information needed to unlock the core ideas and drivers that create strong brands.

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