Eric Bonnin – Vase

Geometric VaseWhen we look at our furniture, our houses, our dish ware, our clothing, we may be struck by our innate tendency to mistake the ornate for the intricate, the clutter for the plenty.  The old, if oft ignored adage, is that there is beauty in simplicity and elegance in the unadorned. To decorate our own individual trajectories, we call upon modes of relational, emotional and visceral ostentation, and find ourselves slowly drifting from this truth. Though sometimes, the bare bones is perfect.

Through his collection of vases, artist Eric Bonnin has striven to not only reaffirm, but to exalt the dynamism and aesthetic wonder that can lurk unnoticed in the clean and the plain. The pieces manage modesty and subtle aggressiveness in their visual effect, each face and edge charged with a discernable spatial energy that seems to fill the air around the vessel. There’s an ethos of reaching in the slanting faces and vertices, the ceramic bubbling and swelling, blooming with the same vernal thrum of the flowers stemming from within its belly. As such, there’s a stark musicality in the minimalism of the collection, emphasizing not an absence, but rather a fullness buried within simplicity. Each piece, twisting and maneuvering through space, is alight with a lush organic fire, dancing with a levity that transcends the rooted heft of its medium. Using such simple principles of design and color, Bonnin creates multifarious work without becoming abstruse or garish. Vases sometimes find themselves at war with their contents, either clashing or upstaging what their owner actually wishes to display. CB Vases serve to accentuate the color and texture of their cargo, maintaining their own grounding delicacy, imbuing any space with a sense of grace and elemental allure.

The above pictured piece by Bonnin, one of the most ecstatic of his creations, is available at the madelife store in Boulder for $520.00.

Words by – Michael Darer