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A story from mural artist and madelife team member Trevor LePage:

About a year ago I was approached by Renee Marino, founder of Dirt Media,  about creating an image for the centerpiece of their newest zine release. This double-sided tape release and zine issue touched the discord between what we see politically and our personal ideals. Before this opportunity,  it had never crossed my mind to start my own independent publication. I was interested in the subject and the tasks at hand, so I decided to take part in the project.

Fast forward.

The Political is Personal by Dirt Media, cover art by Michelle Miller

The Political is Personal by Dirt Media, cover art by Michelle Miller

Some time later, I check my mail and see I received a package. Inside was my own copy of “The Political is Personal”.

I was blown away by its presentation. The zine looked professionally crafted and the design was on point. Each page featured poetry, writing, and artwork by a variety artists. I was thrilled! The success of this issue–seeing it all come together– made me realize the power each one of us to create and share our work, and just how feasible it is to do.

If you are tired of not getting your work featured in magazines or social platforms, create your own platform! Zines give you a mini platform to curate content too; you can share and showcase other artists’ work and build community. You also get the pleasure of publishing exactly what you want without any limitations from publishers, producers, or other people’s brands.

There’s a variety of types of zines out there. Whether it’s a fashion designer showcasing their latest line of clothes, or an artist wanting to share their doodles outside of the traditional art show, zines provide a number of possibilities for all kinds of creative people. Here’s a quick list of some madelife team favorites we found just roaming around the interwebs:

DIRT 2 release party
  1. Political zine
  2. Architecture zines
  3. Nature zines
  4. Personal zines
  5. Comic book zines

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