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Where do you fit in the film industry? Are you a one or two person crew? Do you prefer shooting to editing? Do you see yourself as a producer more than working on set? How do you get hired to work on a commercial? Premier Pro, iMovie, Final Cut, or After Effects—which tools are the best for my editing? How do I record high-quality sound?

Regardless of past experience, the Video team works with Accelerants at all levels to begin answering these questions and to design a Video program to fit their needs. The Video program begins with the orientation meeting, where the Accelerant’s creative team, consisting of Mentors, a Coordinator, and other madelife support staff, learn the Accelerant’s ideas and vision to help develop goals for the overall program. Once the program goals are established, Accelerants and their creative team plan out the first project, setting strategy through a pre-project form to outline project goals, resources needed, skills to be developed, and real-world factors such as time, cost, and desired client feedback. After the plan is in place, it’s time to start creating!

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We believe constant feedback is a critical piece of growth. Putting your work out there and having people respond to it and how it relates to other people is one of the major pieces of making progress.

Angelo Keely, Creative Director

shutter iconACTION! Dive in and learn hard skills such as shooting, audio, lighting, editing and post-production animation to name a few. A series of short (1 – 2 week) projects are at the heart of the madelife program, designed to increase Accelerants exposure to a wide variety of skills, topics, and tools. Be the Director of your creative vision and begin building your portfolios from day one. Whether you are interested in music videos, documentaries, or kung fu films, madelife gives you the tools you need to develop your ideas onto the screen. See for yourself with some of our Accelerants recent work hosted on our Vimeo page.

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It’s really interesting stepping into the space, having been in the film industry, having run my own video production company, and really translating that to a person-to-person relationship, and I think that’s a really unique experience both for the participant and the Mentors.

Kenya Brading, Video Mentor

shutter iconOnward and upward. So perhaps you’re first film wasn’t Scorsese, Hitchcock, or Coppola. Perhaps it got 10 views on Vimeo and 8 of them were from your Mom. Or your client hated the results! Good. You experience the first fail of many—now let’s measure that, pivot, and move on. After each project, Accelerants gather critical feedback, internally from self-assessments and externally from Mentors, Coordinators, and the greater Creative Community. Accelerants take in this feedback – all of it – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and use it to bolster their creative chops! Project success is then objectively measured using a post-project form to compare goals with outcomes so Accelerants can see for themselves the success of their project. After a thorough evaluation, it’s time to pivot and move on! Working one-on-one with their Mentors, Accelerants develop a plan and move forward taking their new knowledge to the next project, and onward into their career.


Understand principles of video production including lighting, camera angles, sound, music, and editing effectiveness to convey emotion

Advance your knowledge in the latest tools such as Premier Pro, Final Cut X, and After Effects

Learn how to efficiently and stylistically edit a video to save time and money

Experience professional sound equipment and a recording studio


Indie Filmmaker
Freelance Videographer
Director of Photography
Screenplay Writer
Special Effects Artist
Production Assistance
Adventure Filmmaker


Commercial Web Video
Music Video
Short Film
Editing & Special Effects
Set Construction
Location Scouting
Cast & Crew Assembly
Raising Capital